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Refosco dal peduncolo rosso
Ronco dei Moreri

The wine’s name comes from the vineyard’s position. "Ronco" in Friulano language refers to a section on the hill and "moreri" to the mulberries that surround the vineyard. The Refosco varietal, considered one of our most interesting native red grapes, is characterized by a balance between structure and elegance.

Production area: Village of Farra d’Isonzo in the Collio DOC. Elevation: 80 m / 262 feet above sea level.
Grape varietals: 100% Refosco dal peduncolo rosso. This very old varietal, that originally came from the area between Carso and Istria, has been documented as growing in Venezia Giulia since 1467.
Type of Soil: The Collio’s hilly terrain, formed during the Eocene period, is composed of layers of sandstone and loam rock (limestone and clay) that were once the ocean floor. Today the sea, which is about twenty kilometers (12 miles) away, and the nearby Alps send afternoon breezes over the vineyards, cooling the grapes after a warm day of sun. Proximity to mountains and sea, along with the mineral-rich but poor soils, create the ideal situation for producing complex, well-structured wines that are very age-worthy. These soils are impermeable so rainwater flows off their surface, producing little erosion and preventing standing water.

Vine Training System: Guyot
Average harvest time: Mid October
Harvest: Hand picking
Average yield per plant: 0.9 Kg

Winemaking: After destemming, the grapes underwent maceration in large stainless steel vats and were delicately pressed to maintain their varietal flavors and aromas.
Aging: The wines aged in large and small oak casks for twelve months. After bottling, the wine aged in the cellar for approximately six months.

Colour: It has a deep red color with light garnet tones.
Aroma: The nose is both intense and intriguing. Fresh and fruity, its fragrance is reminiscent of ripe raspberries and wild blackberries.
Taste: In the mouth, the wine has a robust fruitiness, bursting with berries. The finish is long and lingering.
Size of bottle: 0.750l - 1.5l

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